What better way to celebrate a hen do than with chocolate!

Our chocolate making hen parties take place in our lovely little chocolate factory in Wargrave and can be tailored to suit your group. Whether it’s a family-friendly session or an 18 plus girls-only workshop we have what you need to get your weekend off to a delicious start!

They last around an hour and during this time each person makes and eats loads of chocolate! We start the workshops each making three large bars of chocolate using tempered chocolate from our machines. You can choose from either milk, dark or white chocolate and swirl flavours together to make marbled patterns. It’s then up to you to decorate them with whatever you like from our selection of over 30 inclusions such as sweeties, popcorn, fudge and dried fruits. We place the chocolate bars in the fridge to set and then each person makes their own chocolate lollipop with a very special chocolate transfer pattern on. Whilst all our chocolate is in the fridge we do some chocolate tasting of the liquid chocolate and get our packaging ready.

Adult themed chocolates are available if requested in advance for decorating your chocolate bars and lollipops with. You’re also welcome to bring your own booze and drink throughout the workshop!

The cost starts at £35pp and groups can be between 4 and 10 people.

Want to make more? We offer add-ons too!

If you would like to extend the length of the workshop you can add one of these lovely extras on:

Chocolate truffle making – Using a fresh cream vanilla ganache each person will fill, roll and decorate 8 delicious chocolate truffles. This add on lasts around and extra 15-30 minutes depending on group size and costs and extra £10pp. Suitable for ages 16+.

Chocolate shoe decorating – Each shoe is handcrafted in advance of your visit using the chocolate of your choice (milk, dark or white). They are ready for you to get creative with using chocolate to pipe, glitter, sprinkles and anything else you may wish to stick on to them from the choice of 30 inclusions. This adds on an extra 20 – 30 minutes to the length of the party and costs £15pp.

Please note add-ons can only be added on to a chocolate workshop and cannot be purchased alone.

For any more information or to check availability get in touch!