We start the workshops making two bars of chocolate per child using tempered chocolate from our machines. They can choose from either milk, dark or white chocolate and swirl flavours together to make marble patterns. It’s then up to the children to get creative and decorate them with whatever they like from our amazing sweet shop full of inclusions such as sweeties, biscuits, fudge and dried fruits. For groups of 10 or more a selection of the most popular treats from the sweetie shop will be placed on the table for children to use. Do let me know if you have any particular requests!

We place the chocolate bars in the fridge to set then each child makes their own chocolate lollipop with a very special chocolate transfer pattern on. Whilst all our chocolate is in the fridge we do some chocolate tasting of the liquid chocolate. The children will decorate a bag with their names before we get the chocolate out of the fridge and package it up ready for them to take their very own handmade chocolate party bag home with them.

The cost is £26 per child and groups can be between 6 and 14 children aged between 5 and 10 years. For children 11 and over please see details of our regular workshops.

FAQ Children’s Parties:

1)Can we bring party food?

Unfortunately not, only chocolate and sweeties provided by us can be consumed on site.

2) Can we bring a cake?

Yes if you would like to bring a cake we can sing happy birthday and fit this into the party. Once we have sung and blown out the candles the cake will need to be cut up and taken home with each child.

3) Can we stay and watch?

Up to three adults can stay and watch. If you feel your children may need more supervision let us know when booking.

4) Can we extend the length of the party?

Unfortunately not, an hour is the maximum party length for children.

5) Do you have parking?

Yes there is parking on site, details will be sent to you when booking

6) Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Our Milk, White and Dark chocolate are gluten and soya free. Our dark chocolate is dairy free but may contain traces. There are over 45 different toppings to choose from so something for everyone and to suit all diets. We have plenty of vegetarian sweeties too. We are nut free for parties although I do occasionally use nuts to make products for sale.