We use Stewart and Arnold Chocolate to make our delicious Chocolates


Stewart & Arnold British Milk Chocolate 35% min Cocoa Solids, has been designed and made in Britain specifically for the British palate. It is made with British milk and high quality bourbon vanilla and is a standard fluidity. Inspired by recently uncovered traditional recipes, this brand-new range of UK-made chocolate is specifically tailored to the preferences of the British palate and brings the very best of Barry Callebaut’s chocolate expertise to a contemporary audience. Richly rounded and deeply smooth with a distinct flavour profile, the range of Great British Chocolate includes 70% Dark Chocolate, 55% Dark Chocolate, 35% Milk Chocolate, and White Chocolate. The Stewart & Arnold range is created using 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, the freshest milk from British farmers, as well as premium quality bourbon vanilla to deliver the best tasting chocolate. Rediscovered and now produced in Banbury, the brand’s history dates all the way back to 1945. Created and manufactured in Britain, Stewart & Arnold not only tastes indulgent but is also easy to work with and suitable for a diverse range of applications, making it a quintessentially British chocolate for discerning artisan producers. The products are all covered under the Callebaut Cocoa Horizons sustainability programme, visit Cocoa Horizons for more information. Stewart & Arnold – Bringing Great British Chocolate to our customers since 1945.

Stewart & Arnold 35% Milk Great British Chocolate - 20kg
Stewart & Arnold 70% Dark Great British Chocolate - 20kg
Stewart & Arnold White Great British Chocolate - 20kg